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The Mission

Elijah and Katelynn at the game reserve in Kenya.

The Plan

They will be going to Kenya for three years to set up and run a demonstration farm to help the Maasai people to see different farming techniques. This comes at a critical time as the Kenyan government has began the process of issuing title deeds to land. This is a foreign concept to them as they have grazed their herds for thousands of years.


Elijah has grown up on the farm and has been able to help us grow in many different climates thanks to Indiana weather. We have grown in the wet years and we have grown produce in the worst drought for 30+ years. So I am confident he has the tools to make this endeavor a successful one.

Educating the people of Africa

I am a true believer that not one person has all the answers but we grow each year from our experiences and failures. By having several different plots to show how things can be managed successfully. Elijah and Katelynn hope to educate how things can be different just by some simple basic techniques and a few different methods. Most Africans in the plains don't have the opportunity to go to school. So without an education they lack the tools to make the changes that is being thrust upon them. 

Hidden Acres' role

We hope that this endeavor will be an extension of our farm and we will be a support for them even though we will be half way around the world. We also hope to be able to go there and lend a hand in the off season. Luckily they are in the southern hemisphere and their seasons will be opposite ours. 

They Need Your Help

Setting up and running a farm from a blank slate isn't easy as we have found out here in the states. Things are not as easily accessible in the plains of Africa. As you can see from the pictures there is only one barn, sleeping shed, out house, well, and an outdoor kitchen. They are starting from scratch. They would love for you to partner with them and to meet with you and explain more about their plans. You can help them by clicking the link below.

About the farm

Front Gate and Structures


In the African plains having protection from predators is critical. This is the front gate to the farm.

Handmade Water Tower


Water is a critical thing in the African plain. This well will be the source of water for the farm, as long as it doesn't run dry.

Walking the Fence


Taking a walk and looking at the property. Looks nice in the rainy season. All their rain comes in less than a couple months.

Cow Lot


This is some of the problems facing the Maasia people as they transition to a new way of farming. Over grazing is destroying land.

Looking Across the Farm


Lush and green from the seasonal rain. They were able to visit the farm last year in the rainy season. The test will be to raise produce and animals  when there is no rain for 8 months.

Grazed land


Understanding rotational grazing is critical for them to maintain fertile and productive land.