We have not been able to offer U-pick for the last several years due to weather conditions and other reasons. Choosing to be chemical free has proven to be very challenging and we have been working through these struggles with the hopes of gaining wisdom and knowledge. We are learning a lot and things are beginning to look up. We are currently transitioning to a unique style of growing. We are excited about the possibilities but are not sure how it will work over the long haul. Thank-you for the support and encouragement that we have received over the last few years. Follow us on Facebook for more timely updates on all the happenings here on the farm.

Strawberries (CLOSED)

Projected opening day: May 2017

Season: normal years picking begins mid May and ends mid June. However, we are planting some ever-bearing and will be able to offer a limited U-pick all season.

We are tentatively planning on reopening our U-pick 2016. We will have a later opening date this year. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Due to the fact that we don't use chemicals to control weeds we have been over run with them. We have tried to replant for several years with no luck. This year (2016) we are moving the strawberry field and using a different method to control the weeds. We have high hopes that this will make the difference and we will be able to reopen our U-pick operation. However, we are down sizing from 3 acres to a half acre until this transition is complete. The goal is to expand each year until we are back to full production once again. We appreciate your patience over the last few years as we have tried to figure out a way to continue.

Cherries (CLOSED)

Projected opening day: June 2017

Season: early to mid June - early July.

There is a reason you don't see many cherry orchards in Indiana. One of the biggest reasons is the weather. Cherries are very sensitive to temps in the blooming stage and they are one of the first trees to bloom. This makes it a gamble on whether we will get through the spring without a damaging frost.

Blueberries (CLOSED)

Projected opening day: July 2017

Season: July - early August

We are limited by the size of our bushes but each year we are seeing larger production from them. Blueberries have been the most consistent producers of all the produce we raise and we have high hopes that we will begin seeing larger harvests.