Pasture Raised Eggs


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Our eggs are pasture raised, I know that means different things and can be twisted but our birds are fed outside and have the freedom to go anywhere. Here is some info on the myth of the color of eggs: We have been asked on occasions about the color of our eggs. Why are some green? Are they OK to eat? Aren't brown eggs more healthy? These are all great questions and if you have been curious also then this post is for you. I must admit I have fallen into the trap of believing that brown are better than white and Green/blue are better than brown but these are all myths. Here are the differences: One is brown, one is green, and one is white and it is as simple as that. Let down, I know. What the hen is eating determines the flavor and quality of the egg not the color of the shell. Pastured hens are always going to lay more nutritious eggs and they will taste better as well. Our birds are feed multi-grains which include sunflower seeds, oats, corn, beans, wheat, millet, barley, and they get kelp and dried molasses for a boost of trace minerals. So if you want great tasting, healthy eggs, loaded with nutrition buy pasture raised eggs of any color, you'll be glad you did.