Potato (Quart)


We have four types of potatoes available:

Yukon Gold - These potatoes can stand up to both dry-heat and wet-heat cooking methods. Its waxy moist flesh and sweet flavor make it ideal for boiling, baking and frying but these potatoes will also withstand grilling, pan frying, and roasting.

German Butter - These gems are medium-sized, oblong potatoes. They have tan skin with some russetting; deep yellow flesh with a rich, buttery flavor and a very good, old-fashioned potato taste.

Mountain Rose - These ptatoes deliver a nutritional boost with higher levels of antioxidants than other produce. Superb for uniquely colored fries and chips. They hold their color even after cooking.

Red Chieftain -  It looks like an apple with its brilliant red skin and a dense, bright white flesh that did not have the typical hint of transparency found in other potato varieties. This variety is quickly becoming the standard to judge all red potato varieties.