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It is our goal to have U-Pick up and operational for the farm. There is no better way to connect our patrons to our farm than to have people out and get to put their hands on the fruit right off the plant. Unfortunately, things haven't cooperated and we haven't been able to have our u-pick open for a few years. Every year we work towards this goal and hope to be open on the farm again. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

U-Pick Info



Strawberry season is from the middle of May to middle of June. We are working hard to get enough planted and weeded to open u-pick but we are closed and will post here when we have it available again. 



Our blueberry bushes are doing good and we have been getting a better crop each year but so far we have sold out from pre-orders that we haven't been able to open u-pick. As the bushes grow and their crops with it we hope to open them up in the near future.



This is a future plan, to trellis raspberries for u-pick. We have been growing but it has been a slow process and we don't have these available yet to open up. We do have them available in season for pre-picked orders.



We have bing type cherries but they are very hit and miss in Indiana. weather plays a big roll in whether we will have them from year to year. They haven't faired well the last few years.